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Lesson for October 25th, 2014

Being and Doing

Scripture Focus

James 1:22-24; Mathew 19:16-22; Luke 6:27-38; Romans 8:2-4; 12:9-18; 2 Peter 1:4


Being a Christian is much more than just believing in God and in the Bible. Not only must we believe; we must also act on our beliefs.

Materials Needed

A small handheld mirror for each person in the group (check a dollar store), a quarter, Bibles, pens, paper

Connecting with the Scripture Topic

  1. Play a flip-the-coin game. Heads on the quarter is a “believer” only; tails is a “doer.” After reading each of Jesus’ commands in Luke 6:27-38, flip the coin. If it lands on heads (believer), discuss how someone could believe the command without doing. If it lands on tails (doer), share creative ways that one could act on this command.
  2. As a group, read James 1:23, 24. Give mirrors to all group members and have each person find a quiet place. Each person will look in the mirror and ask himself or herself, “Am I my worst enemy? Do I listen to God’s Word at church or when I read my Bible and then forget it the next day? How can I change this?”

Sharing and Receiving Scripture

  1. Is it possible for a true Christian to believe what the Bible teaches but not do it in his or her life? Do believing and doing go hand in hand?
  2. Thought Questions

Read James 1:22. The NKJV says to “be doers of the word.” What does that mean?

  1. We are saved by what we do, not just being a Christian.
  2. We can’t just do what a Christian should do; we must be what a Christian should be.
  3. We have to become before we can do. We must first become new people in Christ.
  4. To try to do before we become new people would be doing for all the wrong reasons.
  5. The best way to be and do is to follow Jesus’ example of obedience and love for God.
  6. Other...

Read Luke 6:27-38. What kind of doer is Jesus encouraging us to be?

  1. Doers who love their enemies
  2. Doers who are kind to those who hate them
  3. Doers who pray for those who are spiteful toward them
  4. Doers who show mercy when mercy isn’t deserved
  5. Doers who don’t judge or condemn others but forgive them
  6. Other...

Read James 1:26, 27 and Matthew 25:35, 36. How do these verses describe true “doers”—and true Christianity?

  1. A “doer” will not hurt others with the words that come from his or her tongue.
  2. A “doer” will be able to control his or her tongue. If not, his or her religion is worthless.
  3. A “doer” will take care of those who are ignored by society.
  4. A “doer” will care for the needy even when no one is watching.
  5. A “doer” will act like Jesus to the world.
  6. Other...

Read James 1:27. Looking after widows and orphans seems doable. But how do we keep ourselves from being “polluted by the world”?

  1. By keeping ourselves away from anyone who might influence us in a negative way.
  2. By staying out of establishments that might tempt us to sin
  3. By removing non-Christian entertainment from our homes
  4. By connecting daily with Jesus before we get too busy
  5. By imitating Jesus, who lived among sinners yet did not sin
  6. Other...

Applying the Message of Scripture

Gather in groups of two or three. Choose one of the following options and work on a solution. Then report back to your group when your facilitator says time is up.

  • Option 1: Share a story about when you did something because you had to and when you did something because you wanted to. Which experience was better? Why? Do you find yourself doing good for God because you have to or because you want to? Discuss.
  • Option 2: Should a Christian attend “worldly” events in order to be a witness? Or is it setting us up for temptation and sin? Discuss the pros and cons.
  • Option 3: How can you be a “doer” in your neighborhood and community? Brainstorm and write down your ideas to share with the larger group.

Valuing Scripture in Your Life

  1. How is your “doing”? Do you feel like a believer only? Reflect on what you can do for God in your home, church, and community. Ask God to give you the spiritual energy to live for others.
  2. Ask God to bring you opportunities this coming week to be a “doer.” Next week, share your experience with the group.

Next Week's Scripture Focus

James 2:1-13; Mark 2:16; Leviticus 19:17, 18; Romans 13:8-10; John 12:48

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